Catch 22: Trending Topics

This week on Twitter there was a trending topic going by the hashtag #Mollis.

In summary, the hashtag was based on an audio clip that features a couple (or not) going at it. Questions have been raised on whether it was consensual. What is clear though, is that the recording was done in poor taste.

As many marketers are aware, we live in a fast changing consumer environment. You need to be nimble enough to see an opportunity and leverage it before someone else does. Nowhere is this truer than on Twitter. Because of this, we’ve seen time and time again brands taking a leading role in these conversations. But you have to be quick. TTs (trending topics) don’t last long.

During the World Cup last year, Mars Chocolate took advantage of the Luis Suarez “bite gate” saga to promote the Snickers new campaign, “You’re not you when you’re hungry”.

snickers        Snickers-and-Luis-Suarez

Locally, in my opinion, the best TT we’ve seen Kenyan brands taking part in has to be #PoleKwaMwirigi as seen below. See the full story here  


Back to this week’s topic #Mollis, a few brands jumped in right away as the conversation begun with a comedic twist.

11824925_10205505672976008_4700312476086222630_n       zuku2

Then the conversation, memes included, changed from comedic to serious and some decided to apologize for the statements made earlier.


All in all, wisdom is warranted in these situations as they have to be judged individually. If you’re too slow to act, you appear unoriginal. On the other hand, if you’re too quick, you run the risk of being on the wrong side when the dust settles.