3 Crowdsource Funding Tips: Jadudi’s Story

Kenyans once again showed their generosity and unity as they came together to raise funds for one of their own:

A young university student battling brain cancer. His name is Emmanuel Otieno aka “Jadudi”. Blogger Bikozulu and Zawadi Nyon’go led the crowd funding initiative on social media with the Africa Cancer Foundation.

The communication was simple but the results were outstanding. The campaign raised 6 times more than the initial target: a total of Kshs 6 million. Jadudi is now on his way to India to receive the necessary treatment.

This reminded me of another very successful campaign done in 2011: Kenyans for Kenya. It was born at a time when the country was faced with yet another famine situation. The Government was slow to act and The Kenya Red Cross could not bear to see Kenyans die of starvation. Together with corporate partners, the Red Cross rallied Kenyans to raise more than USD 10 million towards the relief effort.


These two campaigns succeeded due to a number of factors, timing being a significant one. Here, I’ll focus on 3 factors that can assist you in future fundraising efforts:

  • Authentic & urgent need: In both cases, the need was clear and genuine. Authenticity creates goodwill and trust. The two were also very urgent cases. Human life was at stake.
  • Strategic partners: In Kenyans 4 Kenya, Safaricom, through Mpesa, created a distribution network that made the fundraising effort accessible to millions of Kenyans. Biko Zulu proved invaluable in Jadudi’s case. His storytelling gave the campaign the visibility it needed.
  • Credibility: People are always wary of being conned out of their hard earned money, especially here in Nairobi. The transparency shown by using an institutional Paybill number rather than a personal mobile number. Also, photos of the final results (supplies bought/schools built) help to put the givers at ease.

Wish you the best in your next crowd source funding effort!