The Insta-Market Wave

In a world that has so quickly embraced the changes that come with technology. It is even now more crucial that marketers have their antennas sharp when it comes to new ways and formats of promoting their merchandise.

With the spur of social media, marketing has become dynamic and has proven even more diverse than ever before. This technological advancement if used and utilized appropriately can lead to rather satisfactory results from a marketer’s point of view.

Let’s quit the general talk though and talk just a bit about the impact that social media has had on marketing right here in Kenya. I would specifically like to dwell on Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp for this particular piece. The fashion /clothing and shoe industry in Nairobi has taken its marketing game a notch higher by going head to head exposing the array of opportunities online.

If you happen to log into Instagram, you might have noticed tonnes and tonnes of stores available online. The merchandise is displayed alongside; its price, the different colours and size variations available as well as a number to contact. Once a potential buyer spots something they like, they take a screen shot and send it to the number indicated via whatsapp. From this point it is easier to make a purchase.

Whatsapp has allowed individuals all over the world to share images and audio for very little to no costs, it has also availed a database platform to suppliers who take advantage of the forum. Through Whatsapp groups, loyal or frequent customers can interactand the supplier is able to reach and form relationships with his/her customers. A wise seller keeps the contacts and establishes a relationship with his/her customer.

Due to the rising competition some even offer free deliveries all around the CBD (Oh by the way ladies, if you haven’t had a chance to look and sample some of the goodness online, I got you don’t worry I am about to mention a few). Let’s take for example the many fashion lines gracing the top lists in terms of follower hits.

These are actually just regular shop stalls in Jamia Mall or Moi Avenue and the likes. The owners decided that instead of sitting in the stalls all day waiting for customers, they bring the goodies to you, even literally if you choose to make a purchase. They decided to finally get out of the traditional store bubble and have actual updated sites, blogs pages and accounts. These industries have set the pace for social media marketing.

Speaking from experience, these small retail owners are pretty friendly and very good at customer relations. They share their expertise freely and even allow you to make bargains if you are a loyal customer. They not only share their expertise but they keep in touch with their database. On numerous occasions my Whatsapp has buzzed with images of what’s new in stock, which is pretty fun and convenient for me as a shopper.

So come on and don’t be afraid to start your website, create an account on Instagram, Facebook and let the world see what you have to offer freely and conveniently! Be in on the insta-market tricks and secrets! It’s time to join the battlefield.