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Not Enough Money Yet? No Problem – Ten Brands

Not Enough Money Yet? No Problem

If you have just started a business, it’s difficult to raise adequate funds to get your business known. I would like to quote a cliché, work smart not hard. Guess what? You don’t need that much to get your product known and trending. I know what you are thinking, what is she going say that we don’t already know. Perhaps that’s true. Regardless, I will still put my opinion and research forward, so I can guarantee you’ll learn something .Without further ado let’s get to it.

Scene 1

You have just started out as fitness instructor, a simple cost effective marketing move would be to print out attractive flyers and post them up in locations where your target audience is most likely to see them. For example various gyms boards, the frequent paths used by morning and evening joggers, areas where junk foods are sold, most people usually experience a streak of guilt when eating junk foods, you never know you could strike a nerve with a fitness flyer. This concept here boils down to the simple basics of knowing your target audience and where they are most likely found. Putting up the flyers in those areas is likely to get you more clients than just random flyers all over the street poles.

Hey, word of mouth still exists! Talk about it. If you’re selling it talk about it! Human beings are wired to share information with one another, i.e. communicate. People need to talk, have to talk. So give them something to talk about. This is a fairly easy and cheap method of marketing that could lead to surprising results if applied to the right people. Find the chattiest person in the room and get chatty too. The best way to get people talking about your product is to provide unto them a new perspective on something which is found or experienced in everyday life in relation to your product.

Scene 2

The Coca-Cola successful ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. The marketers utilized the idea that their beverage is mostly shared during gatherings and celebrations. They integrated the idea of family, friendships and the moments we share as human beings and applied this ‘normal’ human socialization moments with a different perspective. The beverage and feelings of joy became almost synonymous. The most effective techniques are those which blur the lines between advertising and reality for the audience. Coke did this by making the drink related to the idea of family, love, friendships and the most basic of human experiences.


Aside from blurring the lines of reality and advertising, word of mouth and distributing flyers etc. It is important that one takes their time to ask their customers what’s important to them and what other alternatives they are considering to solve their problem. This will go a long way in packaging your messages as well as in creating relevance for your commodity. Not only that, by doing this you also can provide a reason for people to keep talking about your product. If you can solve your client’s problem, you’re always one step ahead.